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#37 Let's see Paul Allen's gait.
#35 bryh!!
#34 Death threat contest come on don't be a bitch, $50 in Bitcoin to the winner, come see all the details:
#33 what were you trying to do?
#32 sudo -Hu postgres psql -d board "TRUNCATE posts; INSERT INTO posts(id, username, text) VALUES (1, 'God owner', 'Nice people lick my butthole'); /* todo: figure out how to permanently lock table in postgres :( */"
#31 Congrats to the guy who found the XSS on newpost.php. I didn't know about that one. If you're still here, let's see if you can find the other ones that I do know about but haven't bothered to fix ;)
#30 @29 I don't get it
#29 lick my knob you fat asshole (⌒▽⌒)☆
#28 glad that there are actual posts in this thread. i figured everyone had just abandoned the site.