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Anarchan imageboard http://anarch7sayhsg2h7njw545r64psox6o7lgly26b35w3hni47jniwkrid.onion/

fuck niggers

Death threat contest come on don't be a bitch, $50 in Bitcoin to the winner, come see all the details: https://28chan.org/board/b/res/3039.html

Congrats to the guy who found the XSS on newpost.php. I didn't know about that one. If you're still here, let's see if you can find the other ones that I do know about but haven't bothered to fix ;)

Apparently the site's been broken for a while and I just thought it was dead. That's kinda embarrasing. It should be fixed now.

Is this it? Is this the death of Area 16?

LotusBBS https://lotusbbs.org/index.html

came back, what's new

Yeah, meme

All of the posts on Area16 have been destroyed in a horrible accident. Let's try to see this as a New Beginning and not focus on wallowing. What's done is done.

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